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Entry #2

Happy Madness day

2015-09-21 21:51:18 by BigSweatySchilling

I really wish I had something that could let me participate this year, but I got nothing, I have however been hard at work on the 2nd episode to the Mandatory Madness series. While only the beginning part of the animation is started, I have completely revamped almost all of my graphics to create a more fluid look to the guns, and more realistic coloring throughout all scenes. I cannot guarentee that I will be able to release it next year, as I am hard at work trying to get a good job. Because with the job I have now, I simply have no time to sit down for 7-8 hours a day and work on this, so I am trying to put myself into a position where I do have time to get out an animation maybe once every two months. 

My plans for the 2nd episode of Mandatory Madness plot wise take place right after the first episode of Mandatory Madness, during Madness Aggregation, with two partners of the original protagonist seeking revenge for his death, thats all I'm giving away for now.

Here is a pic of some very small groundwork for the 2nd Mandatory Madness episode, thanks to those who read this, and for my 3 fans as of September 21 2015, thank you for not unfollowing in my whole year of not putting anything on Newgrounds.



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